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147.21 Repeater Controller - The cat is out of the bag!
By ke0na - Date: 2014-04-27 16:45:41

Well for those who were listening to the 147.210 repeater yesterday you may have heard some familiar sounds.

The TCRC Tech Team was testing a new external controller (Arcom RC210) and had it programmed with as many of the features from the retired OLE and SWEN repeater system as possible, including some of those (in)famous voice IDs.

There is limited memory available for the voice tracks, so maybe we will have a poll of the membership to vote for your favorite.

We need to make just a few more tweaks and it will be on the air permanently, maybe as soon as Tuesday (just in time for the Info-Net).

It will be great to have the control operator functions, Weather Net and Info Net modes available again.

We will keep you posted...

The TCRC - Tech Team


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