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Repeater Users, Pleas Help!
By w0kf - Date: 2006-07-25 14:55:38

As many of you know, this Thursday through Saturday is the Central States VHF Society Conference at the Ramada Mall of America Hotel (Thunderbird). We are expecting 100-150 out of town visitors for this event and the TCRC's 147.21 repeater will serve as a general direction and talk-in repeater for these guests.

Carry on your normal use of the 147.21, but try to leave a slightly longer gap between transmissions so any lost visitors can break in and ask directions.

Registration begins at noon on Thursday so anytime from Wednesday evening onward you may expect to find visitors on our repeater. I suspect mostly the request will be directions to the Thunderbird, which is located at the 24th street exit off I494.

Please give these Hams a warm Twin Cities welcome and try to answer any questions that may come up. Thank you for your cooperation.


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